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Benefits of agileTel Internet Phone Service:
Advanced Features
A new generation telephone system allows small businesses to get the same access to advanced features as large corporations – at no additional cost.
Easy Tracking of Calls
A simple web-based call accounting interface lets you track call usage in a variety of ways – including pie charts and downloadable spreadsheets.
Access Voicemail on Email
Voicemails sent to your email inbox. Listen to your messages directly from your computer or smartphone. Receive SMS text messages when voicemail arrives.
Premier Support
When you use the agileTel service, your phones arrive ready to plug-and-play. When you need agileTel, we are only a phone call or email away.
Attractive ROI
Dramatic monthly cost reduction brings you an attractive ROI in less than 12 months. Sometimes much less.
Agile Phone Numbers
Your phone number can go with you anywhere with the Find Me/Follow Me technology. Route incoming calls by phone number, time of day, caller ID to assigned extensions, to Auto-Attendant, or to mobile phone.
Lowest Cost Rates
The Least Cost Routing (LCR) method gets you the lowest cost for every international call you make.
New Savings
You will save money when you sign up. As agileTel negotiates cost savings going forward, they get passed on to you. Your rates go down as agileTel’s volume goes up.